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IT Health Check Elibility

What is a FREE IT Health Check?

Our IT Health Check is a really powerful tool to explore how technology serves your business and how it could be performing better. We explore your technology stack, understand your company’s objectives and analyse how our unique approach to IT can help you get there. Some win’s we’ve had with our IT health check process;

  • identified $30,000 in annual cost savings by de-duplicating software licenses for a real estate agency with 4 offices,
  • found a redundant cloud server costing $400+ per month for a conveyancing firm,
  • uncovered servers which had not been patched with critical security updates for 6 months by an old IT provider,
  • rectified backup errors that had resulted in data backups failing for over 3 months,
  • diagnosed network misconfiguration causing slow internet speed and phone cal drop outs.

We recently engaged Clarity to provide IT services to set up and configure our new office. Clarity also facilitated the merge of IT and data from a business acquisition and then migrated staff and hardware to new premises. There were many complexities involved which if not handled well could have caused major problems for our business.

In the months since, I can say their service and support has been faultless in the whole process, from planning in the lead up through to implementation. Drew, Brodon and the team have been proactive in giving practical advice, with prompt reliable service and have been approachable in all aspects. Nothing has been too much trouble for them and made the whole transition a smooth process.

Clarity continue to provide ongoing IT support to us now and can highly recommend them for businesses needing an exceptional IT service provider.

Peter RossPeter Ross, McGrath and InvestRent

IT Health Check Case Study: The Problem

A real estate agency on the Gold Coast was having ongoing issues with internet speed and call drop outs. Their old managed IT services company had tried a few things but issues persisted. The business had grown and through the acquisition of a competitor and almost doubled in size. It became apparent the old approach to managing their technology portfolio was no longer working and Clarity was referred to provide a second opinion.

Through our health check we met with the General Manager, Principal and various business managers to understand why their agency was valuable to their clients, what their current IT pain points were, and the business goals for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. We learnt about slow internet issues, poor phone call quality with frequent drop outs, an inability to work remotely and IT solutions which were holding back the team from achieving company growth targets.

The old managed IT service provider’s approach was solely focused on resolving immediate computer, server, and network issues that had already caused downtime and interrupted productivity. The company realised it was time for a new approach—a proactive process that would prevent common issues, provide better internet speed, call quality, reduce downtime, and allow them to focus on business goals.

IT Health Check Case Study: The Solution

Clarity completed a thorough review and delivered a comprehensive report on the client’s IT portfolio. The findings included a server which had not received critical Microsoft security patches for 6 months, data backups which had not been running for 3 months, computers without antivirus software and a misconfigured firewall was the cause of the poor phone call quality and call drop outs. 90 minutes of our team’s time had the call quality issues addressed, software updates scheduled for the server and the problem with file backups fixed.

Throughout this process we were also able to identify $30,000 in annual IT savings by consolidating software licensing, renegotiating print, telco and phone contracts.

Our Complimentary IT Health Check Includes

  • $1,800 value FREE

  • Security Audit

  • Network Mapping

  • Asset Inventory

  • Risk Assessment

  • Technology Roadmap

  • Internet and Wifi Review

  • Phone and Print Contract Check

  • Server Health Report

IT Health Check Elibility

Measuring IT Downtime

The previous IT provider had also proposed a large spend on additional hard drives for the server which was already beyond end of life. A solution which didn’t best deliver on the client’s priority for a mobile workforce as the friction of a clunky remote VPN client remained. Through the health check process we reviewed the client’s current IT spend and found they were already licensed for SharePoint on the Microsoft365 platform.

We redirected the spend for new hard drives in the server to a SharePoint migration project, brining native cloud file storage to the team and delivering vital business data to sales and property management agents whilst they are on the road. A low friction mobile workforce was created utilising the latest cloud technologies for remote work and collaboration.

No more reliance on an old clunky server and temperamental VPN solution for file access.

Case Study: Summary

We position ourselves as your internal IT team who just sit in a different building, and we live and breathe this ethos. We take ownership of your IT portfolio so you can focus on business. We want to understand what makes you valuable to your clients, what you want to achieve, and how we can deliver technology strategies to help your business.

Our approach is pure IT partnership. Bespoke solutions. Flexible agreements. A supplier agnostic team with your best interests at heart, always.

What will our complimentary IT Health Check find in your business? Book your free appointment below. PS – we even bring you coffee for our meeting.

IT Health Check Elibility