IT For the Good of Our Community

The Clarity – IT For Good program is about giving back to our community to help disadvantaged people.

The basic concept is that we see a lot of under-privileged people and organisations in our community when it comes to technology and it is very easy to be left behind in a digital world without access to the appropriate IT tools.

Clarity – IT For Good aims to fill this technology vacuum by up-cycling retired business IT equipment to improve technology outcomes for disadvantaged people.

For example, the laptops our clients are retiring are 3-5 years old and are of a much higher spec than those in certain public schools where they are using computers with spec up to 15 years behind current technology standards. The result is that kids often spend over half their allowed computer lesson time just waiting for their computer to fully boot up, log in and open the learning resources they need because the computers the public schools can afford are so old and slow.

The hinderance of access to sub-par technology is equally egregious at the other end of the age scale, with seniors left far behind the technology curve, rendering basic things we take for granted like internet banking, sending email, or connections through social media out of reach.

There is no cost to you other than the donation of an old, no longer fit-for-purpose laptop that would otherwise be thrown in the bin. Clarity will wipe the data and up-cycle your donated laptop for use by NFPs, charities, schools and other similar organisations.

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